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Here’s why it’s going to be hard to sell your .App domain names

Buyers will have a difficult time contacting you.

Over 150,000 .App domain names have already been registered. While some of these are being put to use, domain name investors are certainly a big reason the numbers are so high.

People wishing to sell their .app domains are going to face a challenge. This challenge goes above and beyond the question of what a new TLD is worth in the aftermarket. The question is:

How the heck are domain buyers going to find you?

.App domain names don’t work unless you have an SSL certificate installed on the domain name. This means you can’t park the domain names unless you set up an SSL for the domain.

SSLs can be obtained for free, but it requires some work.

I thought you’d be able to just forward your .app domain to a secure page, but that’s not the case. (It works on the Safari mobile browser because apparently, that doesn’t use the HSTS preload list, but other major browsers do.)

Clearly, putting a “for sale” billboard on your .app domain will require a lot more work than with most other domains.

OK, OK…but can’t people just look you up in Whois?


Google Registry’s Whois records only show the state and country of the domain owner. Records also show your organization name if you have one.

There’s no email address. No phone number. Not even a snail mail address.

That really just leaves marketplaces like Sedo and Afternic for selling these domains. (Currently, Afternic supports .app but Sedo doesn’t.) You can hope that someone is savvy enough to go to one of those marketplaces and find your domain but it seems like syndicated listings at registrars will be your best best.

Or you need to suck it up and get an SSL cert or an SSL-friendly landing page service for your domains.

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