Benefits Of Owning Premium Domain Names


Domains are deemed “premium” and expensive if they are memorable, and easy to spell; two branding elements that are normally very expensive to acquire. Also with premium domain names like,,, etc., you don’t have to guess what you will find; the domain makes the value proposition clear. This saves brands from having to invest significant amounts of money and time branding in order to shape the users perception around your offering.


Premium domains also give customers a sense of trust and authority. Users will, for instance, have more trust in doing business with versus This gained trust is mostly due to the fact that today’s online shoppers generally understand domains like are rare and expensive; fly by night operations are not run on such an expensive property. This trust and authority directly influence users purchase decisions leading to a higher conversion rate. Best of all trust flows into other marketing aspects like email and display as the domain is at the base of those efforts.

Brandable Domain Names for Startups

Choosing the right domain name for a project, be it a business, an application or a website, is essential. Why? First of all because the domain is one of the few things that you will not be able to change afterwards (at least not without a lot of headaches!). Second because your domain will inevitably need to be your brand name. Having a brand that is different from your domain is very bad practice, because most of your visitors and customers will get confused regarding which is which.

You have pretty two options when it comes to choosing a domain/brand: you can pick a descriptive domain or a brandable one. Suppose you are creating a website about sports cars. An example of descriptive domain is A brandable domain, on the other hand, could be something like

Both descriptive and brandable domains have pros and cons. If you have hopes that your project will grow and become popular and successful, however, I recommend that you go with a brandable domain. That is because a descriptive domain limits the scope of things you can do. For instance, it would be difficult to transform into anything else than a blog, for obvious reasons!

It’s not a coincidence the fact that most large companies have brandable names/domains. Just think about Google, Yahoo!, Uber, Apple and so on.


Search Engine Ranking

Your domain name can have a noticeable impact on how your website is listed by search engines.

The more basic and identifiable your domain name is with related search queries the more likely it is to be ranked higher in the search results.  


Increased Traffic Potential 


The instant brand you acquire with your premium domain name can help generate traffic from internet users who are unfamiliar with your business.

When your website is associated with a straightforward domain name, customers will be directed to your site when they type a related product or service in a web browser.

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